Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sundays Ride - Surf and Turf

Sundays Ride is Surf and Turf i.e. the FootHills Ride plus Beach

Meet 8:00 am in the city 

Weather Forecast is for a Sunny day with light winds perfect for getting out on the bike, 

Adelaide's Toughest climbs

Saw this when cleaning up my email when I returned from work. I know its done the rounds and been in the paper but i thought I would post it anyway as a ready link. This set of videos featuring Adelaide's Toughest climbs is a lot of fun, A big Thank You to James (I assume some BG's know him) for doing this.

 I do have one issue, its seems to be missing Saddle Hill road which surely must make the grade if Clealand exit road is on the list 

Link to BikeSA

Link to the YouTube Channel posted by James .
You Tube Channel

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sunday Ride

This Sunday's Ride is Outer Harbor via Anzac Hwy

Meet 8:00 am in the city
What the BG will look like at the end of Winter. That will be me 3rd wheel


I am now back at work and saw the email from Dan I thought I would Blog it in case anyone missed it. I have slightly adjusted the color scheme.

Hi all,

It’s fast approaching the time for you to get your SLOTH off and get your GAME back on.

The weather will start to warm and like a pretty butterfly you (should) be leaving behind your pupa/cocoon behind.

If you’re totally unfit start slow but start tomorrow.  If you’re half fit time to turn it up by half.  If you’re fit you just can’t wait.

ROCTOBERS III has been created, after a very successful I in 2013 and II follow up in 2014, both netting well over $7000 each and each over 9000kms!!!  This year we want to achieve the elusive 10000kms regardless of team size, and we also want over $5000 minimum.  Your own personal targets need to ‘reflect’ team aspirations.

So what is it for (for the uninitiated)?  Go to for more information.
It’s raising loads of cash through a world-wide charity cycling event to go towards children’s cancer research – because kids should be living their lives, not dying.

So what’s next? All the information is at and you join our team at
You register, same as in previous years, and join the team. You then jazz up your profile as much as you want, then forward everyone you know or have ever known (and friends and family) emails/texts/posts/status updates/twitters/instagrams/linkedins/facetimes/snapchats (have I got them all?) to get them to sponsor your riding. And because you don’t want social media to completely ruin you you will also speak to people and ask them to sponsor you, put up some posters here and there, mention this great cause at the next family dinner, and tell your fat mate s/he should get in shape by dusting of her/his bike. If you have any business affiliations see if they will sponsor you – I’ve managed to get Davin Real Estate on board both years.

They can donate money either to YOU personally or the TEAM. They can pay online (any amount) or they can give you cash in which case you add that online by yourself.  If someone gave you prizes (other than cash) you could consider holding a raffle to make money. Alternatively for those very savvy you could hold a bbq/any event to raise extra cash.

How do you sell this? Simples – you commit/swear to riding for the entire month of OCTOBER (most participants put on DAILY KMS), you pledge you WILL suffer as much as you can possibly handle, you will start to hate your bike by the end of the month, and you will do this because kids should not be dying from cancer.  Anyone wishing to support your suffering will know their money is going to a good cause to (one day) prevent kids from dying.

Your target can be anything and you can change it as you go.  I will start with mine aiming for $500 in sponsor money and 1000kms but hope to surpass and change that. We also hope to organize some times/dates for group rides of varying abilities to spur everyone on. For HHPS people, Saturdays 8am-10am will be a riding opportunity starting at HHPS. Other than that you should ride as much as your body will allow to reach your target – the bigger your target the more likely people are to sponsor you.

I had no trouble getting onto the website the last 2 years but “content keeper” is not letting me this year so you may have to use your phones and home PC’s (this wouid only apply to SAPOL staff).  The site is easy to navigate and when the time comes to ride you will also be able to download an APP which will make it easy to upload all the KMS – it’s self explanatory.

Finally, and initially/immediately, forward this email to anyone else you know who may be interested to join our team including any team members who need some extra encouragement .  We don’t need to know each other but may get to know each other during this.  The bigger the team, the more money raised.  It’s personal riding/suffering but part of a big picture, and an excuse to get fit for summer.  Last year some of us made it onto the GCC website with a great pic in front of HHPS (AND THAT PIC IS STILL THERE – GO US) as well as snipets on facebook.

For any questions etc get back to me.

Love and rock hard thighs


Friday, August 14, 2015

Sunday Ride

Sunday's Ride  is Outer Harbor via Port Rd 

Meet in the City at 8:00 am

For the coffee shop discussion the Vuelta begins of the 22nd and as you can see from the map bellow jumps around the countryside a bit, however stage 11 with 5,200 meters of vertical climbing should be fun to watch.