Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sunday Ride Report

Yes. I am back riding and as such normal service and ride reporting resumes.

The Off
Conditions for my return to the BG were in a word "Magnificent" with a warm day and light to no wind. Absolutely Perfect!!  Eight BG's showed up in the city so there was a lot of catching up. Andy W showed up with a bad case of tourette's syndrome after leaving both his bidons on the kitchen counter. That was easily sorted but was followed by me getting a solid talking to about setting my short term goal as the 60km Amy's ride. No mercy with the BG's, Okay I will just have to do the 100km ride.

We set off after the usual grace period and the pace was easy which I welcomed as my legs were already bitching at me and asking what happened to their sleep in. Shut up legs. The pace was cranked up abruptly as we neared the start line of the Port cycling club course. There was a race about to start and we have a reputation to uphold. Can't just swing by at  a leisurely pace, what will people say!
  • Outer Harbor Sprint Point was won by Dan. 
  • West Lakes Sprint Point won by Dan
We then returned by the usual route however we needed to ring a change as Evida's has closed. Andy and Dan departed the ride, prior to coffee.

Vale Evida 
No one has any idea if Evida's is shut forever or just taking a break due to the construction. We selected Esca on the Glenelg Marina Pier as the alternate coffee stop. The coffee committee will need to convene to ratify or select another location for the beach ride coffee stop. My score out of 10
  • Coffee 8 points
  • Eat Selection 3 points
  • Eat Quality 8 Points 
  • Water (Only in bottles) 2 points
  • Ambiance 8 points
  • Wait Staff 8 points
Did I mention it was ad awesome day. The coffee stop went on for much longer than normal as sitting on the marina watching the world go by was far too pleasant. 

Eventually we rode home via Anzac Highway. Geoff and I rode past Brian's house to find him cleaning his garage out. He is still out injured but sends everyone the best.

Big Kudos to Hugh doing the TourXOZ ride from Adelaide to Darwin. 150km every day. We do note the first days average speed was 23 kph. Given a) This is Hugh we are talking about, b) He must have been in the fast group that must have been the bitch head wind from hell.