Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sunday Ride report


Sunday was another excellent day for a ride especially one with a view of the sea. First up let me apologise to Dan, he rolled up at 8 am. I realised on Saturday night I hadn't sent out an email to back up the blog and make sure that the time shift was communicated. My bad.

We had 10 BG,s show up in the city (should have been 11). Of note was Hugh who actually had tanned legs after his Adelaide to Darwin headwind epic. Apparently it was only the last day they didn't have a headwind and about 14 people managed to complete the full distance. Warwick arrived with his replacement for the Green Machine. A titanium beauty built by a local frame builder http://www.astirframes.com/. As Brian already owns the Stealth Bomber I think this one is the Spy Plane. With Warwick's permission I have published the photo's below. Its a really clean elegant looking bike. 

The Ride to Hallett Cove was uneventful and we have a bit of a cycling group traffic jam with large groups leaving the city, crossing onto the southern expressway bike track and the Fat Boys and a others on the Cove Way. The good weather is here and the groups are out in force

The ride back was a bit more eventful we had just negotiated the double hairpin right hand turn at the end of the Cove Way when behind me I heard the unmistakable sound of body and bike hitting bitumen. Fortunately not a BG and not much damage. Mike Tilley rode up and turned around to ask if the rider was okay, he claimed to be and so we informed his mates as we passed. Mike was worried that it was his fault in the mass of bikes turning but much to his relief Warwick riding behind saw it happen. The guy  was riding sans cleats and just plain fell off when he hit a bit of gravel.

Coffee was at Esca, which is the default beach stop for the time being. We are informed that Evida is shut as a result of other issues the family that owns it are facing. So we need to decide a new beach Cafe.

Next week is the Epic, I have been asked to keep the Epic ride as we hitting that time of year with long distance rides coming up for a few group members. I will include several escape routes to make sure the ride is approachable for everyone. I will hit the maps and post it as soon as I can. This time I will remember to email.