Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sunday Ride - Beach


I realized I made a mistake on the Sunday Ride Calendar and didn't reshuffle the Rides to take into account Amy's ride. As it would have been 3 Hills in a row and the TDU reconnaissance is approaching. So I have adjusted the ride schedule to bring the Beach ride forward. 

Hence Sundays Ride is the good old Outer Harbor loop. 

  • Meet 7:30 am Hindmarsh Square in the City
  • The usual sprint points
  • Coffee at the Glenelg Marina (Esca) but the coffee committee will accept alternate suggestions
No ride report this week we can discuss Amy's Ride over Coffee.

Special mention Michael R who rode the 35km including O'Sullivans hill on a Mountain Bike with a trailer and his daughter Alice. Alice did say she would help dad by pedaling on the hills but I still think he deserves some Kudos. 

All correctly kitted out in BG colors and ready to roll.

All Michael needs is an air horn!!