Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sunday - TDU Reconnaissance


Its that time of year when we man up and try to find out what we might be in for on the TDU ride. Usually the last ride before Christmas is a Beach Ride but we delayed the Reconnaissance this year to give more time to prepare .

Meeting Times
  • 7:30 am at the City 
  • 8:00 am at the Tower
  • Slower Riders leave the Tower promptly at 8:00 for a 8:30 am regroup at the Norton Summit (across from the Scenic)
Brian has had a look at the Tour Challenge course and suggested the following route for our ride:

As per Stage 4 course to Norton Summit - Summertown - Meadows - Macclesfield. Stop for Coffee in Maccelsfield. Optionally on to  Strathalbyn as its a great downhill run. 

Return via Macclesfield then direct to Echunga – Mylor – Stirling – Mt Lofty then down Greenhill Road.

The last climb up to Mt Lofty will replicate the Crows Nest climb at the end of the TDU to some degree.

Escape Route 1: Stirling Return via Mt Lofty Bike track
Escape Route 2: Mylor Return via Mt Lofty Bike track
Escape Route 3: Echunga Return via Mt Lofty Bike track

Brian estimates that course will be about 120km if we go all the way to Strathalbyn and about 100km if we only go to Macclesfield. This ride, even to Strathalbyn, is shorter than the actual Tour ride but much harder second half.

Its Christmas so Anything Can Happen

Due to the way Christmas falls this year we have not scheduled any rides for the
 27th of  December 2015 or the 3rd of January 2016 as Sunday is too close to Christmas and New Years day

If you feel like a Ride please go to City at 7:30 am on those days and we will decide from there. 

Definitely not available in the BG kit Shop. 

For those doing the Chistmas Eve ride this year. Good Luck. I hope the weather smiles on you.