Wednesday, January 27, 2016

NO EXCUSES Bastardi Club Ride


Ok, everyone. This is a call to dust off the BG lyrca.. 

Numbers for Sunday rides are ok …. but could be a whole lot better. A number of people are missing in action. We appreciate that not everyone will make it out  every week for various different reasons:

  • Some have become fitter and faster and smash out "training" rides more often
  • Conversely, Some think the BG is too fit and fast and that they are not fit or fast enough
  • Some have other commitments (mainly of the familial variety)
  • Some now turn their wheels in different circles 

So on Sunday 7 February (you  have been given notice) we are launching our first "No Excuses BG Club Ride" ride. If you own a BG kit (new or old) you are expected to be @ Hindmarsh Sq @ 7:30am

We are talking a good old fashion BG ride. By this we mean:

  1. The fast guys up front pushing a solid "Sunday recovery ride for a fit and fast bastard " tempo, with a chance to ride their arse off for glory at the long stranding and highly prestigious town sprint lines. 
  2. The others accepting the fact they are not greyhounds and  - Not pushing a turn at the front - Not trying to mix it with the big boys at the sprints - But using the group environment as an opportunity to push further.
  3. A coffee stop where people give each other shit, discuss the latest developments in bike porn and generally celebrate being a cyclist.
  4. And of course the simple but strictly enforced rule of " No Dicks Allowed" - so feel free to bring along any riding mates who qualify.

As you will see a  New Ride Calendar has been published with an important change. It is proposed that throughout the year the first Sunday in each month will be a "No Excuses BG Club Ride" 

In other words we are only asking you to make an effort to Ride your bike with the BG 12 times a year. It will always be a beach ride - In fact it will always be a City - Port Rd - Outer Harbour  - Glenelg (for coffee) loop. 

This means you could join us go back up Anzac Hwy - ride around 60km -  have  a coffee - and still be home by about 10:30am. Or if you prefer you can leave the slower blokes behind after coffee, launch up into the hills and give yourself a smashing. 

We will also be trying to create a ride programme for the other weeks which gives people the flexibility to either get home early or push on for some serious pain. Hence we are incorporating regular repeats of rides with multiple options such as Cudlee Creek and the Pain series. Please have a look at the ride guide, feedback is welcome.

It is also proposed that at coffee on 7 February we will hold an AGM - with a chance for anyone to voice an opinion on ways to improve and what will help to keep numbers high because the more we have out the more fun we have.

Sunday Ride. January the 31st

Sundays ride is the last of the old calendar and we will be visiting the lady's at Cudlee Creek for some of their excellent cakes. Hopefully this time we wont be sharing the cafe with hordes of motorcycles and squadrons of cyclists. 

Meeting time 

  • 7:30am in the City or
  • 8:00am at the Tower

We will get onto Gorge Rd via St Bernards Rd, Newton Rd for those who normally join en-route.

New Calendar 

I have scheduled the new calendar around the usual fixtures of the cycling year but used these general rules.
  • the BG club ride is the first Sunday of every month
  • the second Sunday ride is the Pain series, unless there is a conflict
  • The third Sunday will alternate the other beaches, unless there is a conflict
  • The forth Sunday will be Cudlee Creek, Hahndorf or other multi-option ride to accommodate a broad spectrum of riders
  • When we have a Fifth Sunday, we will use this for exploring the paths less traveled and in the warmer months this is when the epics are scheduled
  • In winter (June/July) we will avoid the hills and substitute a extended foothills ride where the coffee stop will actually dictate the route followed i.e. a non beach city ride
I have done my best to make sure all the expected rides are there. Its getting to be like scheduling the AFL season.  Please let me know if I missed anything or haven't balanced the rides appropriately.

Cheers AM and MT