Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sunday Ride - the road to Birdwood - pain is temporary

This Sundays ride was intended to get out of  our Hills comfort zone and maybe add a new ride to the list while still offering a standard Sunday Ride for time constrained and unfit

Meeting Times 

  • 8:00 am in the City
  • 8:30 am at the tower

The object is to reach Birdwood by riding through the upper Gorge and then decide between a set of return Journeys.

This was conceived originally in Ride planning as a Epic plus Hills Traverse of 120km

The Ride will commence as a standard BG Cudlee creek visit to our favorite cafe. Hopefully getting there before the Harley's. I want to get a sound effect chip for my bike that sounds like a Harley starting but I digress.

Post Coffee the Birdwood Group will push on up the upper Gorge through Gumeracha to Birdwood. This should fall at around the 47km mark.

At this point the options are 

  • Return down the Gorge 94 km
  • Return via Inglewood about the same
  • Return via Checker Hill and Inglewood - Brian Special stage 
  • Return via Mt Torrens and then back to the city via Lenswood 
  • The full traverse
There are lots of ways home so I am sure there will be a good discussion,