Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sunday Ride - Hahndorf

This Sundays ride is the back way to Hahndorf.

8:00 am in the City
8:30 am at the Tollgate (bottom of the freeway bike track)
9:00 am at the Bollards

From there and depending upon the weather and how we feel we will ride Greenhill Rd either via the Mt Lofty  summit or Piccadilly.

Then - Greenhill Rd - Balhannah - Jones rd - Ballhannah rd - Hahndorf 

Coffee at Cafe Assiette

Then home via German Town Hill and Stirling

BG Training Series #8: How to give a Dink! 
Needless to say this is also wrong!

Kudo's for effort, but also wrong
Much better, unfortunately also WRONG!