Friday, January 27, 2017

Sunday Ride - Cudlee Creek

This Sundays Ride is Cudlee Creek. We havent been there in a while so it time for some quaility cake.

  • Meet in the City at 7:30 am; or
  • at the Tower Hotel carpark at 8:00 am

Forecast is for light winds and 36 degrees. Perfect for a a change.

In case Tobias fire extinsgisher comment didnt make sense 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sunday Ride - TDU Recovery Roll

The TDU challenge ride was challenging for those brave few who took part with heavy roads and hell of a wind. We all certainly a recovery ride and I suspect the people who have headed down to Willunga will need a recovery ride as well as stong coffee. 

So as tradition and good training practice dictates we will return to the ride that started it all that wet July day for a TDU Recovery Roll so we can debrief from Friday's ride and catch up with a eventful week of cycling gossip. 

Meet at the City 7:30 am Genelg, Turn at Bower Road, Coffee to be decided an then home..

The pace will be set as recovery.

Friday, January 20, 2017


If anyone is bored, hungry or thirsty after your day watching at Willunga tomorrow, the VWTO/CyclingTips Car Park Climb is on from 6.30pm at the Rundle Place Car Park, 90-100 Grenfell Street, Adelaide.

I've managed to jag one of the 120 entries, but given the ramp is only around 3% and the ride is less than 1000 metres, I suspect I will be finishing well, well down the list. There will be much beer and food available for spectators, and once I am eliminated, many people trying hard (not to fall off).

Details HERE.


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tour Down Under Challenge Ride


I knew it was going to happen. The Jersey is so hideous only a few of us can bring ourselves to ride 160km to collect one. Maybe its the thought of Checker Hill. I am not saying, I am  just saying.

For those brave few the start line is at George St, so we will meet in easy reach of the faster group departure areas. 

The meeting point will be at Caffe Pave from around 6:00 am 

The departure is at 6:30 am we may actually touch the pedals by 6:45 am 

Last year Pave was one of the few places serving coffee at the starting time.   

Designated Refreshement stops for the BG. late change

  • Birdwood 45km
  • Mt Pleasent 99km
  • Cudlee Creek 140km 
  • Williamstown 70km
  • Charlston 124km

As we are  "The Bastardi", here is the traditional TDU Italian Phrase that may be helpful on this year's ride. 

Il ragazzo che ha progettato questa maglione, ha bisogno di lezioni da noi – The guy who designed this jesey, needs lessons from us

The weather looks like fun but hopefully the rain will have cleared by the time we leave. .

A funny thing happened on the ride home on Sunday as Perry & Tobias rode through the city and down King William Street. As they  pulled up st the lights on South Terrace a group of Italian riders on the Ettix team pulled up behind them, read the jersey and had a laugh. One of the guy whipped out his phone to snap a picture. So who knows the BG might turn up on the Ettix photo album somewhere. 


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sunday Ride


This Sunday marks the start of the TDU. We have a lot of ride competition with various community rides i.e.

  • Ride Like Crazy 
  • Ride for Juvenile Diabetes 
  • Big Red Ride
  • NCC TDU Series at Uraidler 

The BG Sunday ride not set. So Meet in the City at 7:30 for a Ride with a return to the city to collect TDU Jerseys.  

For those doing the Ride like Crazy the meeting point as usual is by the entrance of the Unley Shopping Centre and Under the trees in the South Eastern corner of the Oval at the finish.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy New Year 2017 - Sundays Ride is the the No Excuses Club Ride

Happy New Year 2017 - Sundays Ride is the the No Excuses Club Ride

A Happy BG New Year to you all.  I have seen everyone has been putting in the Kilometers over the break.

The First Ride of the year is the No Excuses club ride and the weather forecast is for 30 degrees and light winds.

Meet at Hindmarsh Square in the City at 7:30am

The ride is Outer Harbour - Glenelg

I wont be able to ride so if someone could make a note to discuss the prefered arrangements for Ride Like Crazy and a BG Alternate and let me know I would appreciate it. 

Dan and Phil's new kit!

2017 Inaugural LOTW