Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Baum make exceptional titanium and steel frames and my understanding is they are starting to making composite carbon parts of the frames also. Stunning bikes to look at but most importantly they have a reputation of exceptional ride quality. AUS owned, designed and built. The above Gulf GT40 inspired paint job is beautiful.

See more @ Baum

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Pic via Cyclingnews

This blog isn't trying to be but incase you have been under a rock the Contador saga continues and stepped up a notch this week and all of it is politics & legal stuff that i don't seems the fiasco is far from over!

See links for more info and make of it what you will!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

SUN RIDE 30/01


MEET @ CITY - 7.30am
OR @ TOWER - 8.00am

It'll be real hot Sunday so I'm proposing a short course. Norton's - along Marble Hill and down Montacute. This isn't to say it's going to be easy! The tempo will be high to try and get the ride done - coffee in and home before it gets to hot! FS

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Photos @ flickr

Thanks too all BG friends and family who made the final stage of the TDU a great day, with a beach cruise and BBQ. Thanks to the Peter and Mareea for sharing there lovely home...and pool and spa...and the other spa!! FS

Congrats to young Ozzie Cam Meyer on his win! Has to be said hard luck to Goss who rode hard all week, he did'nt lose it to Meyer's , Meyer's beat him. Awesome ride and AUS just has such a depth of cycling talent at the moment, the future looks bright for Australian cycling!

Some great photos of stage 6 @ CT.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


More Photos by FS @flickr

They call it the Queen Stage but I think of it as the People's stage! Awesome day and if you can muster the legs after Challenge Friday the ride out there, it is well worth the effort! A certain satisfaction is derived from riding out and back to the stages - none more so then Willunga! Brilliant day, good company and great racing. Bummer about Bob-o laying it over, and Michael Mathews was so-so close! Thats racing, you burry your self, race kilometres, miss by centimetres! FS

Friday, January 21, 2011


More photos @flickr

What a course - straight up Mike Turtur is a Genius! This was a brilliant challenge ride course, my favourite 'mass' group ride yet! On rides like this the company is the key and Burg, Dan K and Walker (as usual punching well under his age bracket) where solid and I wouldn't have done it as easy with out such a steady tempo set by the boys.

Other then having my front wheel taken out from infront of me on Checkers the ride was fairly un eventful. Trying to clip back in for 15m while not stopping up checkers push pulling with one foot was interesting to say the least and lead to an all out adrenalin assault of the climb with a F*ck this i'm getting out of here mentality!

Was funny to watch dudes surge past us like 8-10 times through out the ride, reacting to every rider overtaking them by spurting forwards only to rejoin or pass them 5min later. Great to have learnt being that guy gets you no further up the road, especially when you can rely on some solid pace making from your boys! Cheers Lads. FS

PS - Cheers to Tri dude (my hero) little dude on a white Cervelo with TT bars (Tri dude - actually worthy of a cervelo) who just popped up every flat section and just banged it out on the front @ 40 -50km an hour. He was like hire a domestique just appeared form no where to get you across the flat fast bits. Champion!

Send me your BG - TDU ride story and Pics and I'll Post.