Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Click image to enlarge, found @ bianchista
PARLEE AERO PROTOTYPE!! OFF THE HOOK!, NOTE Brakes hidden in forks front and back. FS

Monday, November 28, 2011


Great to have 22 out on Sunday, in brilliant weather! Good times across the board considering the mild head wind. Thanks to BV for organising and running the TT. We will run another one at the end of summer, and compare times. Good to see some close grouping in the times. Look to ride with those around your pace, buddy up, work together and ride together on big rides, maybe hook up for some mid week training. Wether riding in the BG, 'challenge' rides or even racing, it's always better with mates! Read more in full post plus TT times.

Friday, November 25, 2011


Meet 7.30am Hindmarsh Sq.

The trial of truth, the flat TT, man and machine against the clock! 

Ride as usual at a solid pace down to the start in the car park of the North Haven Sports Club on Victoria Road, where we will start. The intent is to start at 30 second intervals - slowest to fastest. Please come with an average speed in mind that you think your capable of over 6km, see table in full post as a guide. We will regather from the finish and ride the rest of our normal beach ride and on to coffee at Evida, in Henley Beach.

Rules are simple:
1. You can wear any kit that improves your aerodynamics and ride with aero bars or a TT bike if you have one, wear a sperm helmet, but you have to cop all the ribbing and ridicule if you act and look like a D*CK!
2. No slip steaming is allowed (the nearest you can get is about 5m).
3. 'Start' is at the car park of the North Haven Sports Club on Victoria Road.
4. 'Finish' for 6km course is the usual round-about at Outer Harbour.
5. This is a personal challenge - rider against the clock - there is no overall winner, but healthy rivalry is encouraged from those BG of similar ability.
6. Riders will need to time themselves, using a stopwatch function on bike computer/watch/mobile. 

Simple, hope every one can come and test them selves against the clock, the key is not to go to hard to early! We will repeat the TT at the end of summer and you can measure your improvement over the season.Thanks BV for organising. FS



Inspiring words from the king of rouleurs! Nearly time to get back to the crits fellas.
Now who is gonna go with me...


Wednesday, November 23, 2011


OK, so by now it should be fairy obvious to all, that the wind down at my current place of employment  has started, with all the extra bits being added to the blog over the last week or so.
Given all the planning and infrastructure related people in our group I thought this may be of interest....

Given Copenhagen and Amsterdam are considered the nirvana of  cycling in the city and London has been trying to improve over the last fifteen years, could Adelaide take a bigger step towards one of these cycling based cities, with the announcement of $2million in funding. If you want to have your say beyond legal graffitti on the various signs around the place at the moment, check this out.


(thanks Mr. Kuss!!)

It allows you the chance to have your say about what improvements you would like to see occur within the city, including improving the cycling networks. Many forums and discussions have already been held, though it looks like there are still opportunities to have your say.



2010 Catford Hill Climb Winner (15 years old!) via BRR

As we head in to the second of our time trials, I thought finding this was timely...AW

Blurb from the Catford website....
'The oldest continuing cycle race in the world'

This prestigious event goes back to 1886 and, with the exception of the war years, has been run ever since. Traditionally on the first Sunday in October. prior to the formation of the RTTC it was considered to be the ‘Championship of All England’ and still attracts the leading 'Hill-Climb' riders from all over the country.

The challenge is Yorks Hill (click for map) a 707yd climb with an average gradient of 12.5%, with two stretches of 25%. Needing an all-out lung bursting effort. The current record of 1min 47.6 was set by Phil Mason (San Fairy Ann CC) in 1983 and despite the inducement of a special prize has not been broken in 19 years!

This is not only a sporting spectacle viewed by hundreds but is also a social occasion providing an opportunity for an annual cyclist's 'get together'.

The Brighton Mitre Hill Climbs on Saturday, together with the Catford CC Hill Climb Classic on Sunday morning and the Bec CC Hill Climb on Sunday afternoon form the ‘4 Hills Competition’ with a prize for the best overall placing in the four events. This guarantees a good weekend's racing and makes it a worthwhile trip.

BTW there is a SA version on Willunga run by Kilkenny Cycling Club. FS

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Times on the Day.
Great turn out for the TT Sunday with 18 out despite the light rain. Great to see the group strong with mix of new and old members. Thanks to all for turning out. I know allot of BG’s did PB’s, or went close, awesome considering it’s early in the season for most.

Some great times added to the board but ride of the day defiantly goes to the gentle giant, Mike Tilley.  Nearly going sub 20min in his first BGTT. His effort slotted him amongst BG's with what Billsy likes to call ‘mountain goat’ builds. MT producing an estimated 275w in the process, roughly 15-20% more than the BG’s surrounding him. Mike’s efforts, are evident every week, great to see him producing a decent time, but I know he’ll go faster, so look out at the end of summer!

Reports from both the groups on the rest of the ride were positive. In the PLH group we held together for allot of the climbing as well as the flat sections making it an excellent group ride! See full post for the full times board. FS

Monday, November 21, 2011


Image via Epsom Road Studios
This was my (MT) first big test since deciding that a ride to the beach and back was not going to make me a cyclist. Last year I did the 60km course and hurt for a week after being beaten home by a bloke dressed in a Gorilla suit (... sadly a true story). This year it was the 100km.

It was exciting to ride to the start and then leave with the BG Group heading off as a pack. Frank, Homburg, Sam and others took off leaving myself, Craig and Karpy to form our own BG train and building some decent momentum on the expressway, which is an awesome ride. Feeling good as we headed along the beach we rotated through the lead and past a number of groups. I hit the base of Willunga Hill feeling strong. Being careful not to blow up, I took my time up the hill. Karpy waited at the top (...many thanks) whilst Craig kept going as he had developed a sore back and was afraid to stop. It was my first time on Willunga Hill. A bit of a grind but not as hard as I was expecting. I was surprised how long we were in the Range going up and down before finally descending and the last 20 or so km’s were tough but manageable.

I was looking to break 4 hrs and came across the line in just under 3hrs and 40 mins doing the distance without a break (.... which was satisfying for me). As a guide, I finished the 100km earlier this year then I finished the 60km last year. Many thanks to the BG (.... particularly those at the front) who have helped me start to develop into a half respectable cyclist. I would have kicked that Gorilla’s ar*e this year. MT

Thanks to Mike for sharing, defiantly worthy of the title cyclist! Heaps more photos in the full post. FS

Sunday, November 20, 2011


It appears I was late to the party on this one. A few BG found this site months ago and have already been logging lots of miles. I only just spotted the link on Cycling Tips and thought i would check it out. STRAVA


Video found @ Cycling Tips, full screen HD it, worth the buffer time. FS

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I came accross a cool blog the other day, called 'in the saddle' this post in particular sparked my interest as I make my shift towards working in the city and begin to commute on the bike daily.

Whilst looking through the rest of the blog, I also managed to find a link to this movie which will be part of the Bicycle Film Festival, in Sydney shortly, reminded me a lot of the scuzzi rides during winter in the dark.


Thursday, November 17, 2011



Followed by - Pain Lives Here / Harden up / Soft option

I expect a good turnout for the TT. These have been a great ride in our past and with no racing on this weekend it would be good to see majority of the BG’s out. The Norton’s TT, is the first TT of three part series, running consecutive Sundays, to test your fitness at the start of summer. We will do a second round in Feb, giving you an opportunity to compare how you have done over the summer season. Thanks AW & BV for organising. Instructions and maps in full post. FS

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


BG represented well again with a couple of of placings, both will be up a grade next race! Well done to SW for another well earned placing in D's getting in a six man breakaway in tricky conditions, and sprinting well to claim third. Noticed also young Walker pulled a second on the weekend also, Steve better watch out Lewis will be all over him in no time! See Track results and photos @ CSA.  I (FS) claimed third in B's, look out A's here i come and JB pulled a 4th first week up in C's, will be good to see him and Sam go toe to toe this summer!

Thanks to Gilly for hooking me up on the day, replacing my rear gear cable after it snapped pre race. Had the bike tuned up, running smoother then ever in minutes. Ever need assistance with anything cycling, Gilly is your man and Supers have always been great to me so get in there and show a local bike store support, tell him Frank sent you and he'll make sure to heckle you! 

You can't buy everything on line - like a gear cable, installed and tuned at 9.00am on a Sunday!!! Results in full post. FS



Vic Park closed for Horses Crap. Thur Night ride changed to Norton’s ride. Meet 6.30pm @ the Tower, Norton's climb repeat. Slow on the first one, warm it up on the second, option to ride Lofty - Freeway after.  FS

Tuesday, November 15, 2011



Deep section wheels apart from shaving seconds off ITT times and helping you sail along in other riders drafts can often add the final touch to an already good looking ride giving it that PRO look. But how much should we be spending for small percentage gains and a bit of BLING.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Hi all
An updated calendar has been posted in the Sunday Ride Program section.
There has been a bit if consultation with a few of the regulars. However, if you have any complaints or suggestions for improvements please send to me.

This week starts the first of three time trials in a row to help measure fitness progress from last year, with a repeat in February to see whether your work through the summer paid off.


Thursday, November 10, 2011


B E A C H   R I D E @
7.30 AM   H I N D M A R S H   S Q

  C R I T   R A C I N G   @ V I C   P A R K
S T A R T S   9.30 AM 



Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Photos via CSA by Chameleon Photography

I expect big things from Sam and it may have been a matter of time but this week every thing went right and Sammy got his win last tue night. From all reports Sam took it out with a healthy margin to second, a good mate of the BG's Jon Blank.  Steve, took out 4th and is finding some sprinting form and consistent results, which is great to see as walker has trained hard and done allot of racing, come back from multiple injuries to earn these placings, it's awesome to see him landing some results.

In B's I (FS) ended up applying shawns mantra 'When in doubt lead out'. Took Shawn into the final corner first with a large pack on his wheel. It turned out to be just to far from the finish but he was stoked with 4th in and be back at the pointy end with a clean finish. Jimmy Clough (Cluff) an adopted kiwi son to the BG's took out the big prize in B's and was just pipped for first outright over A's by the smallest of margins. A great result for the quietly spoken all black who's been showing some good finishing form and was a handy man to follow around Amy's on Sunday.

Interesting side note, both Sam and Jimmy rode Amy's on Sunday in under 3hrs and rode home, so read into it what you like but, that was a hard ride Sunday and a great effort to back it up two days later with wins, well done boys. FS

Read Sam's race report, Photos and results, in the full post....

Friday, November 4, 2011


Meet in Hindmarsh Square to ride to flinders @ 7.30am (leave @ 7.30am) will ride at a steady pace to Flinders. Meet @ Flinders around 8ish if you want to ride straight there, meet at the trees behind the goal posts on the oval, see map. If all else fails look out for BG jerseys.

There are a few that will be forming a precession home via Clarendon - 50km to city.

Those just looking for a Sunday roll to the beach also meet @ Hindmarsh 7.30am, if you do cove way you can join use to flinders, note we will leave promptly from Hindmarsh Sq so don’t be late. FS

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Photos via CSA by Chameleon Photography

Congrats to Frank Smith who pulled off an excellent win in B- Grade on Tuesday night, in fact his win was so good that he beat the A-grade boys too. Well done to Steve Walker on a third place in D-grade, and a bit of bad luck to Sam Webb with a stack in the same race after someone went down in front of him
Full story after the break...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Photos via CSA by Chameleon Photography

Congrats to Andrew Wilson on his WIN on Sunday taking out E grade, collecting his first win! Too modest (believe it or not) to blog it himself, so here's my (FS) write up. I'll start with, in all honesty Andrews's win was awesome to watch,  it was tactically brilliant, a perfect race. See full posting for more on AWs win.

Well done to Sammy cementing himself as a place getter in D's, that first win is with in reach but yet to be earned. Also look out for Jon Blank coming up in D's, good man doing a lot for NCC behind the scenes. Also I believe the youngest BG claimed a second, well done Lewis! FS

Full story and more photos after the break...