Saturday, February 23, 2013

SUN RIDE - 24.2.13 - BEACH


Outer Harbour - Henley - Glenelg - Henley

Normal Outer Harbour run to Henley via Glenelg and back

Coffee @ Evida


Monday, February 18, 2013


Thanks to Aldo, the following is the instructions on how to use the Virtual Partner.

He used it yesterday to smash 1:10 off his Norton's time.

A few people have asked for instructions on how to set the Garmin Virtual partner based on Strava.  

Here is a you tube video

Here are Aldo's instructions

1.       Connect your Garmin to your PC
2.       Go to the segment page in Strava for the ride that you want to set as the goal to ride against and copy the URL.  This will be under  Segment---My results and the URL will be something like
3.       Then go to Stava tools at Raceshape. These are found at   and select the VPU Setup Virtual partner option.
4.       Paste the Segment URL you copied in step 1 into the dialog box
5.       The website will generate a Garmin GRS file. You then be offered the alternative of updating the device directly or downloading the file. I would recommend that you download the file to a directory on you PC
6.       In Windows Explorer navigate to Computer –Garmin Edge 500 () – Garmin – NewFiles and copy the GRS  file into this directory
7.       Disconnect the Garmin from the PC and Turn it on.
8.       Navigate on the Garmin to Menu – training – courses and you will see a course starting with the Time followed by the segment name
9.       Select the course and then select Do –course. The Garmin Virtual Partner screen will appear and will start comparing you ride to the loaded one once you enter the course.
YouTube - Videos from this email

Friday, February 15, 2013



MT can't get near his computer today, so I've filled in this week.

Weather forecast for Sunday is a warm one and we've had requests for something that suits the weather.

Meet at Hindmarsh Sq @ 7:30
Or         Tower Hotel @8:00

TT up Nortons in reverse order (based on your predicted time). Sandbaggers will be named and shamed. Hopefully we all guess our time right and 15 of us sprint for the line.


Just ride up at your own pace from 8am. I'll be doing that option so you'll have company if you want.

From there, fast guys can do a loop like the harden up one or Little Italy, while I'll be doing the Montacute loop for those looking for a social/easy/welcome back/hot weather kind of ride.

Most important: coffee @ Caffe Buongiorno on Norwood Parade. All groups should be there at about 10:00am or shortly after.

Hope to see you out - especially if you've been away for a bit, or put off by the recent pace through the hills and want an easier option this week. Otherwise if you want to come and smash yourself, there's an option this week for you too.


Friday, February 8, 2013

SUN RIDE 10-2-13 - BEACH


Outer Harbour - Henley - Glenelg - Henley
Normal Outer Harbour run to Henley but with additional loop down to Glenelg Marina and back to Henley (+10km). Usual sprint points

Good to see Billsy back on the bike. Once again he is offering to lead an easier remedial ride option. This is a great chance for those who have not been riding to ease their way back.

The plan is:

-Ride as a large group to Port Adelaide and onto Victoria Rd. The pack will then split with Billsy’s group heading down to the beach.

-Regroup for Coffee @ Evida

-Ride home as a large group down Henley Bch Rd


Friday, February 1, 2013

SUN RIDE - 3.2.13 - HILLS

Meet at Hindmarsh Sq @ 7:30
Or         Tower Hotel @8:00

As Billsy's blog indicates we have a big divide in BG fitness at the moment.

This week it's the Pain Lives Here options. There is something for everyone so hopefully we see some big numbers.

Pain Lives Here:  Smashfest for those who are in their prime.
Hard'n Up:           For the usual Sunday ride.
Soft option:          For those who haven't been out for a while and looking for some easier climbing

***As usual extra shortcuts if needed***

Most important: coffee @ Caffe Boungiorno on Norwood Parade. All groups should be there at about 11:00am - Billsy it would be good if your group can get there as well.



Bastardi's (yes I know that this is poor grammar)

I’m planning a little remedial ride for this Sunday in addition to our official route this week. My sense of balance is back but my fitness has long abandoned me after six months of being glued to the couch (or anything that didn't feel like it was moving).

Start at same place/time as normal ride, but I'm planning on doing the old BG beach route down Anzac Hwy and out to Bower Rd roundabout, coffee at Henley.

No obligation, as I’d otherwise just ride it on my own, but you’re more than welcome to come along if you've been away/off the bike/lazy/injured/new parent etc and want to get back into riding with the BG without feeling like you need to keep up with the regular pace.

This won't be a regular thing and won't split our bunch into multiple speed groups - it's just that I'm starting my fitness from scratch and need some easy riding to get back into things after such a long time with zero physical activity. At the moment I'd get dropped early into a flat BG ride (ie. before the Entertainment Centre) and I don't find that too appealing for my first ride back. Hills still feel out of the question for another few weeks.

I've totally lost touch with who is riding regularly these days and who's not been out, but I figure that there might be a few BG out there who have not been out for a while and might find this sort of ride a good way to start up again.

No sprints, chatting pace only, good times guaranteed, just like the old days.