Friday, February 1, 2013

SUN RIDE - 3.2.13 - HILLS

Meet at Hindmarsh Sq @ 7:30
Or         Tower Hotel @8:00

As Billsy's blog indicates we have a big divide in BG fitness at the moment.

This week it's the Pain Lives Here options. There is something for everyone so hopefully we see some big numbers.

Pain Lives Here:  Smashfest for those who are in their prime.
Hard'n Up:           For the usual Sunday ride.
Soft option:          For those who haven't been out for a while and looking for some easier climbing

***As usual extra shortcuts if needed***

Most important: coffee @ Caffe Boungiorno on Norwood Parade. All groups should be there at about 11:00am - Billsy it would be good if your group can get there as well.