Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sunday Ride - Split Bunch Ride

This Sunday is our first experiement with a Split Bunch Hills Ride to 

  • Hahndorf  via Echunga for the slow riders 80km or
  • Strathabyn via Echunga / Maccelsfield 110km for the fast riders
The aim is to let the fast guys put the hammer down without having to sit up and give the slow guys a break from chewing the handlebar leather.

Meeting Times 
  • Meet in the City at 7:30 am
  • Meet at the Bollards 8:30 am

The format of the Ride is as follows. Congregate at the Bollards (talk s**t), regroup after the descent in Mylor (talk some more s**t). A normal BG pace out to Echunga where we will regroup (finalise any s**t we are talking). 

At which point the fast group will go on to Stathalbyn at ungentlemanly pace.  The loop home depends upon who from the fast group I talk too. I am setting the route as return via the same route.

The slow group will then proceed at a slower pace (but still working guys) back to Hahndorf the route home is set for GermanTown hill but we can decide at cofee.  

The weather forecast is for 30 degrees,Cloudy with Light winds

See you Sunday
Fast Group (love the helmet)

Slow Group