Thursday, June 15, 2017

Brian and Mike Update


Some updates


Dan visited today and thankfully the tally of injury and stuff broken was not added too. This from Dan 

Saw Brian this morning: as reported 9 broken ribs, fracture in temporal lobe area, fractured clavicle, dislocated AC joint and punctured lung - other than that he's ok

All his injuries are healing ok-ish.

His lung is improving and once that's better he'll probably be released for home/outpatients.

He's ok and very thankful for his calls/messages.


He is back at work after Sportmed gave him a good once over.  Apart from loss of skin and some general soreness, he has,

  •  a bruise from where Brian ran into him (which is still growing but is currently 40cm long)
  •  a small bleed into the muscle but is not serious
  •  a tear in the AC and some Bursitis in the shoulder
It looks like it will only need conservative treatment only. 

Get well soon guys.