Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sunday Ride, Ride Report and Brian/Mike Update

Sunday Ride

It has been dry so far this June if you call last Sunday mist dry. This coming Sunday looks like it may be wet and hence it will be a Weather Call.

Meet in the City (Hindmarsh Square) at 8:00 am

Brian and Mike Update
 I went into see Brian on Monday morning which was fortunate as he was getting ready to be discharged.  He was in a bit of pain as they having trouble balancing the meds. He has now been released and is going to a rehabilitation centre (details in email broadcast). Mike Lyons was driving him there. He is in good spirits and he and Mike have vowed to get back on the bike. The new rule is they ride down any descents at the back with me.

Interestingly enough his doctor has recently taken up cycling so we had a good chat. 

Mike is back at work so hopefully the Shoulder and the Thigh are getting better. 

As always get well soon guys

Ride Report - BG's in the Mist
As would be expect Sundays ride was a little bit subdued due to the previous weeks prang and the weather. Six BG gathered for a ride best described as atmospheric in a "Hound of the Baskervilles" sort of way. The Mist started out okay but actually got worse as the ride progressed.  All was going well with no giant devil dogs in sight with rider as we were riding to the conditions and maintaining good separation when David H hit something long and sharp on Port road just before Bower road. It ripped a 3 cm gash in his rear tyre. A search of the area revealed nothing on the road except for a used prophylactic we decided that the tyre had just ripped itself apart in disgust when it realised what it had just run over.

Inserting a $20 note didn't work because of the size of the gash and as he didn't have any $50's handy so Phil gave him one of the those Tyre boot repair stickers that has been sitting in his repair kit for about 4 years. That worked an absolute treat and David turned and headed for home. Hopefully he made it home.

Hugh won the sprint and we called it short on account of the visibility with Coffee at the Chocalat at Henley Square. The mist was just sitting on dead calm ocean. All we needed was a fin to break the surface.  
Home was via the Henley Beach road and the Mist was only just showing signs of lifting as we got back to town. So all up a enjoyable ride.