Monday, December 10, 2012


Each year late in December, myself and a number of other keen BG riders do a practice run of all or part of the Tour Downunder Challenge course.
The BG Sunday Ride program identifies this weekend for the ride.
For those who are interested, we will meet as usual at Hindmarsh Square and ride to the course start at Modbury via Payneham Rd - Lower North East Rd - Awoonga Rd - Grand Junction Rd - Reservoir Rd To Tea Tree Plaza. Total distance about 18km.
The Tour Ride course that we will ride is as follows:
Golden Grove Rd - One Tree Hill Rd - Cross Hill Rd - Black Top Rd (One Tree Hill) - Cornishmans Hill Rd - Uley Rd - Gawler One Tree Hill Rd - One Tree Hill Kersbrook Rd (incl KOM) - Little South Para Rd (Kersbrook) - South Para Rd  to Williamstown (coffee & bakery) - Warren Rd to Birdwood - Torrens Valley Rd via Gumeracha - Gorge Rd - Home
Total Distance from Hindmarsh Sq to Home approx. 130km, but if keen we can add the easy loop to Mount Pleasant and back to Birdwood which will add 22km.
There is a number of short cuts if anyone chooses to opt out early, particularly by heading home from Kersbrook which would reduce the ride to 85km.
For those who plan to do the Tour ride and have not done much riding over 70-80km, I strongly suggest that you take advantage of this opportunity to get some long miles in your legs in a team environment. Last year we stayed together and rode as a group and always re-grouped at hilltops, so non-one was left to ride on their own or pushed at an 'unreasonable' rate.
Brian Virgo ('Tour' Guide)