Wednesday, March 9, 2016

No Excuses, No Stuffing Around and No Prisoners Ride

We had a great turn out of 18 for Sundays "No Excuses Club ride" and as it turned out no stuffing around and no prisoners ride.

It was a great morning for a ride however it was humid and we were already sweating before we hit the road. Once again we got every red light  as we headed down onto port road. I think the road works on South road are going to start impacting this ride in the future so I will keep an eye on whats going on and we will need to flexible.

We held a medium high pace down Victoria rd with quick turns on the front until the heavily contested sprint point. The weather may have been hot but the pace was even hotter. The bunch was hitting the high 40's before the sprint even began. From my vantage it looked like the bunch just kept accelerating shedding riders until the final kick.

As reported to me Hugh won, followed by Sam and Mo.

As a few of the boys pointed out it was a interesting pace for a "come an try" ride, but that's what sprints are for. We obeyed the rule of leaving no one behind we waited for everyone to regroup get some much needed hydration before the run down the beach at leisurely pace. This was all fun and a car turning right at a roundabout was witness to a beautifully executed group emergency stop. No wheel touches or bus stop flops to be seen. Just the whole group stopped and bathed in  a flood of sweat as the cool breeze generated by movement stopped.  

I was told who won the second and third sprint but sorry I have forgotten. We regrouped at the service station and went onto Glenelg for coffee.  

Being Clipsal weekend a lot of people had places to be and the home by 11 rule came in very handy. So most people returned via Henley or Anzac Hwy.

A great day all round.