Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sunday Ride - Winter is Over - Pain Lives Here

Meet @ Hindmarsh Sq @ 8:00am
or @ Tower Hotel @ 8.30am

The Winter Ride Calendar is Over!! and we are back into the Hills. Note I have resisted any references to a certain Dragon based fantasy TV series. 

So a gentle start to Spring riding  with an old favorite. Pain Lives Here has plenty of options for everyone, so time to crawl out from under the doona
Pain lives here or Hard'n Up or Soft Option. As always all options have the added short cut of going down Greenhill Rd or Nortons to cut out Mt Lofty. Coffee spot nominated on the morning.

Pain lives here - 72km : Norton’s – Ashton – Basket Range – Forest Range – Lenswood - Swamp Rd – Greenhill Rd – Carey Gully – Uraidla – Greenhill Rd – Lofty - Norwood.
Harden up - 58km :  Norton’s – Ashton – Basket Range – Forest Range (climb) – Deviation Rd (shortcut) – Carey Gully – Uraidla – Greenhill Rd – Lofty - Norwood.
Soft option - 49km : Norton’s – Ashton – Basket Range – Range Rd (shortcut) – Uraidla – Greenhill Rd – Lofty - Norwood.

Bike Tech - Power2Max NG ECO

Power meters are starting to get a tiny bit cheaper. This is the first one well under a grand it works out at around $750 AUD. 

My Garmin already tells me precisely how crap I am in 500 different metrics, so not one for me.