Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Sunday Ride - Southern Hills - Stirling/ Lofty via Coromandel Valley

Thus Sunday's Ride is one the New Hills loops suggested by Dan that we pioneered last year. The exception is that this year we wont get lost and have to climb up a 18% ramp on Red Hill rd to get back to Bradbury.

Meet in in the City at 7:30 am 

The Route  

Unley Rd / Belair Rd to Windy Point - Main Road to Cherry Gardens Rd - Cherry Gardens Rd to Iron Bank Rd, Right hand turn to Morgan Rd, Morgan Rd to Woolcock rd, Woolcock rd to  Bradbury Rd at Bradbury, Bradbury Rd to Mylor

 Coffee at Mylor (40km) (Stirling was packed last time)

Home via Crafers or My Lofty depending upon energy levels

70km if home via the Bike Track, 77km if home via lofty. 1400 m of elevation gain if you go home over lofty.