Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Sunday Ride - BG Club Lunch


Due to the way that Christmas and New Year’s fall this year, this Sunday is the last BG Ride of 2017 and also the BG Club Lunch day. I have booked a table under the name of Aldo for 11:30 am at the Tower Hotel. Please forward this email onto anyone I have missed on the list and encourage anyone who has ridden with us in the past to drop in and say Merry Christmas. 

There are three options:
1. Non Riders – Just rock up to the Tower Hotel around 11:30 am and have lunch, beer etc
2. Beach Riders – Depart the Tower at 8:00 am Tower – Greenhill Rd – Anzac Hwy and turn back early enough to return to back to the Tower around 11:30 am
3. Hills Riders – Depart the Tower at 8:00 am  - Nortons, Greenhill (or alternate), Hahndorf, River Rd, Aldgate Valley, Piccadilly Rd return back to the Tower around 11:30 am

The City meeting time is 7:30 am for the commute out to the Tower.

We have chosen the Tower as the start and end point as it allows you to drive to the start and park. If anyone is bringing their car to the Tower in the morning and is willing to make it available to lockup footwear etc. that would be much appreciated.

Can I ask that the first person back to the Tower decide if we are sitting outside and if so make the necessary arrangements as they don’t take bookings for outside tables. 
Can I also ask for someone to Volunteer as Road Captain for each group to herd the cats.

The menu is here and offers a fair range of choice $18-35 including some disgustingly healthy salads.

The weather is 36 degrees Partly Cloudy 15kph winds

If you can reply if  you are likely to attend that would be fantastic. 

Looking forward to see you Sunday.