Thursday, July 19, 2018

10th Anniversary Ride Report

The 10th Anniversary ride on Sunday was a huge success. We have 18 riders gather in the city in the morning to be greeted by David Bills. Billsy wasn't riding as he had a clash and  that poor Giant of his is apparently in multiple pieces. We think he he should do the right thing, buy a pistol and put it out of its misery. Lots of people we hadn't seen in while and it was a great turn out for a fine winters day.

After lots of catching up I had to channel Brian for first time that day and get the ladies to stop gas bagging and start riding. You think we hadn't ridden together in while.

We had a good run down to the beach and then turned north and the wind while it didn't seem much mad it a bit of slog. The large group riding skills certainly aren't as slick as they used to be. We were a bit ragged to say the least. At Outer Harbor I instructed the crew to take a Brian lecture on pulsing, holding the wheel and pace setting as read. The one thing no one had forgotten was the location of the sprint points with all the sprints hotly contested. 

We returned to Glenelg for coffee only to discover that the coffee shop that took my booking, name and number had gone out of business in the two weeks since I had booked. Yep out usual  luck in booking stuff has held. No wonder we have never managed a club trip. We had 18 riders plus Alf, Michael Richardson, Kate and Oscar. Thankfully Cafe Esca up the pier could accommodate us so crisis averted. 

Steve Balmer showed us the 10 year anniversary jersey and it looks great. I will publish the picture once I the tweaking is finished. 

It was suggested by Frank that we schedule another 10 year Anniversary in the warmer weather as a number of riders expressed disappointment and the cold would have put a few people off. I was thinking to try around the time of the first hills ride and the delivery of the 10 year jersey. 

It was a fantastic day so a great thank you to everyone who attended.