Thursday, July 26, 2018

Sunday Ride - Outer Harbor via Anzac Highway

Sundays Ride is Outer Harbor via Anzac Highway

Meet in the City at 8:00 am

There will also be a extraordinary meeting of the beach ride coffee sub-committee to decide on the coffee and return destination. We seem to have bad luck with our choice of cafe's as they keep shutting. 

Some suggestions that have been for our new beach destination.

  1. 303 By the Sea - Very good choice for groups of < 6 riders 
  2. Cafe Salsa - certainly has the room but not one is sure if they do coffee and cake. Well they definitely do coffee
  3. West Beach SLSC - No one has been there so may require reconnaissance
  4.  Malabo, Swedish Tarts or another one on Henley Square
  5. Cibo at Glenelg
  6. One of the three Cafe's on the Broadway at Glenelg. Pirate something, Organic Cafe and that Bradway Kios
Or we start our own Bastardi Cafe. The menu will have to include the 3 special meal deals. Brutto bastardo (Ugly Bastardi), Duro bastardo (Hard Bastardi), Povero bastardo (Poor Bastardi). 
No they weren't Italian brothers who played on back line for Collingwood in the 70's

Tour de France 
It has been a fantastic tour and by this Sunday we will know how its all ending. One things for sure there has been a lot of trouble keeping rubber side down and Philippe Gilbert ended up down a "slight ravine".