Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sunday Ride - Hahndorf by popular demand

Sundays Ride is Hahndorf via River Roads return to be decided at Coffee

It wasn't always Hahndorf we were going to visit the Ladies at Cudlee Creek. However when we discussed this at Coffee, Frank expressed a deep yearning for "Hahndorf Junk Food" at Ottos. I then mentioned that Dan had a issue with Otto's and we had swapped to Cafe Assiette.  

I have dodged the decision. Hence by popular demand the Ride for Sunday is:
  • Meeting times as follows 
    • 8:00 am in the City
    • 8:30 am at the Tollgate (bottom of the freeway bike track)
    • 9:00 am at the Bollards
  • From the Bollards via Mylor and River Road to Hahndorf
  • The Bastardi who wins the sprint to the 50kph sign on entry to Hahndorf decides where we eat and caffinate
  • We will then discuss the ride home. Options are
    • Out and Back
    • Gumflat Road 
    • Germantown Hill

'I will be dining at Otto's!' -FS