Monday, August 22, 2016



The Conti 4000s, long trusted by the Bastardi faithful, with long term testing proving its versitiliy, with great ability to keep the rubber side down and the inner tube glass free. Well here is some less indicative evidence of its performance, check this site out:

More then you'll ever need to know about tyres but interesting.

Of note 4000s's perform exceptionally at lower pressures (60-80psi) compared to other brands. But if you want that extra watt for your TT's go to 100psi (negating the fact that no one weighs 42.5kgs with bike, and I'll be farked if i can be bothered figuring out what the load coefficient is).

Also of note the 'S' is worth 2 watts! (at 42.5kgs load).

Thank god for Germans hand making our tyres! Get the Grip! Skids for days!

This is why you dont buy french tyres: